The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain
The CUBE-TC GmbH is

a training company within the future oriented bfi Carinthia organisation!

People are our focus, and we actively dive into the topics of digitalisation and the working world. We offer 18 places to those who wish to experience this and to learn to use the appropriate tools. SAP, practical experience and additional qualifications round off our package.

We are a team of innovative, active and creative trainers and coaches, who work with passion and are happy to challenge and encourage.

In our daily business, we deliver performance in projects with our know-how. Our motto is "learning by doing" and we do this with curiosity and humour in a good natured environment.

The CUBE-TC Team
Team Leader

Ina Ressi, MBA

Deputy Team Leader

Mag.a Sigrid Unterweger

Coaching Team
  • Barbara Gruber
  • Walter Kordesch
  • Mag. Manfred Posch
  • Mag. Andreas Ranner
  • Ina Ressi, MBA
  • Klaus Scheibenpflug
  • Mag.a Sigrid Unterweger
  • Mag.a Simone Winkler
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Practice-oriented work

What is a training company?

In a training company, industry-specific business cases, which correspond to real-life practices, are completed. However, real-life goods, services and money are not actually exchanged.

Each training company is divided into process-oriented departments. Appropriate business cases are then processed within each of these individual departments. In addition, training is provided on the technical basics.

Umbrella organisation for the Austrian training firms.

Foundation of CUBE-TC

  • SAP Core Competence Pass (CCP) BT „Basic Task“
  • European financial driving licence €FDL Basic
  • Digital and process-oriented work with SAP
  • Commercial training in accounting and payroll accounting, marketing and business English, word processing and IT, office organisation and time management
  • Data protection, industry 4.0 and media literacy
  • Project management, personal training and job coaching

Additional qualifications

  • SAP CCP "Purchase" PT Purchasing
  • SAP CCP "Sales" ST Sales
  • SAP CCP "Finance" FT Financial Accounting
  • SAP CCP "Employee" ET Personnel Administration
  • European Business Competence* Licence EBC*L Level A
  • Apprentice trainer examination according to BAG § 29g

The philosophy of the CUBE-TC

Our modular and individually aligned concept combines learning with interest, curiosity and enthusiasm.

Discover and expand your Office repertoire - supported by competent trainers and coaches in a self-organized and self-learning environment.

As coaches, we encourage and strengthen your potential, and as mentors we support each other with new ideas and tips.

We work with SAP, Office 365 and moodle and provide opportunities for you to get to know more tools and apps within the digital working world.

Our working hours in the CUBE-TC

Monday - Thursday
8.00 - 12.30
13.00 - 16.30
Friday 8.00 - 14.00

The time frame of the CUBE-TC

Within a maximum of 17 weeks, we offer you the opportunity to bring your knowledge up to date- both professionally and personally.

For 14 of those weeks you will be actively involved in our onsite courses. In the remaining 3 weeks, you will be given the opportunity to do an internship in one or more companies.

Our goal is to ensure that you get off to a flying start in your job during or after your time at CUBE-TC!