You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
C.S. Lewis

The future graduates of the CUBE-TC

Would you like to be prepared for the modern requirements of the Digital 4.0 Working World?

Are you interested in practical work in a digital, paperless and SAP-supported office environment?

Are you looking for contact with companies and the chance to prove yourself there?

If so, you have come to the right place!

Your requirements for the CUBE-TC

You are:
  • looking for work
  • between 18 and 55 years old
You bring:
  • good computer knowledge - ECDL base level
  • A level of commercial knowledge from a high school such as WI'MO, HLW, HASCH, HAK or LAP as office administrator;
  • German language skills at min of B2 level

Please note: The CUBE-TC is not a retraining course!

Topics and goals

As a training company and further education institute, we put an emphasis on several learning and practical fields.

With us you will:
  • gain knowledge in office and administration
  • gain office-relevant SAP practice
  • obtain qualifications and certificates
And the cherry on the top:

Our job coaches support you in finding a job.

Content and emphasis

  • Digital and process-oriented work with SAP
  • Commercial training in accounting and payroll accounting, marketing, business English, word processing and IT, office organization and time management;
  • Data protection, industry 4.0 and media competence;
  • Project Management
  • Personality training and job coaching;
  • Flexible, customised practical training;

The basic qualifications of CUBE-TC

  • SAP Core Competence Pass (CCP) BT „Basic Task“
  • European financial licence €FDL Basic

The additional qualifications of CUBE-TC

  • SAP CCP „Purchase“ PT Purchasing
  • SAP CCP „Sales“ ST Sales
  • SAP CCP „Finance“ FT Financial Accounting
  • SAP CCP „Employee“ ET Personnel Administration
  • European Business Competence* Licence EBC*L Level A

Your entry into the CUBE-TC

The first step is to contact your AMS advisor, and notify them of your interest.

Then your consultant will make an appointment with the management of the CUBE-TC.

You will receive an application form, which you need to complete and then bring along to the appointment together with your CV and your most up to date certificates.

On the day, we will introduce you to the CUBE-TC and go through the documents you have brought with you as well as the completed application form.

At your one-on-one interview, you will receive further information and we will clarify any important questions that you have.

Afterwards, there will be a short test, a decision will be made if and when you will start with us.

Your journey through the CUBE-TC

Welcome to the CUBE-TC!

It will start with your own individually designed programme.

With curiosity and dedication, you will master different fields and train in a variety of areas of expertise - professionally as well as personally!

We will accompany, support and challenge you, depending on your needs.

Gather as much knowledge, experience and expertise as you can - the certificates and qualifications you obtain with us will make you a highly sought after key worker.

The "Grand Finale" at the CUBE-TC

Every journey is unique, and that goes for yours too!

Will it last 17 weeks?

It is possible that your dream job beckons earlier than you thought. Perhaps the company in which you did your internship doesn't want to be without you?

Perhaps you have bigger plans and would like to obtain a number of certificates?

Or is the basic package enough for you and you are already on the home straight?

Whichever way it pans out, take your chances – namely as an individual!