If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney

Appreciating the human factor of success

Whether you are a single-person company, a small or medium-sized company, or a large corporation - you know that your success is dependent on people.

This is exactly where we come in - CUBE-TC attaches huge importance to people and the fact that we learn and constantly develop ourselves throughout our lives.

In our project, we work as realistically as we can. An essential component that we need is the possibility for our trainees to implement their acquired knowledge and skills with professionals in the real market economy.

This is where you come in – be the internship company - the icing on the cake.

Open-minded and clever strategists

Do you devote your heart and soul to the people who are interested in your company?

Great, because we have the people who would love to take the opportunity and invest their intellectual capital in you.

In the CUBE-TC, people of different ages, different levels of experience and different areas of knowledge work together.

Take the opportunity to get to know, without any obligation, a strong supporter for your projects, or even a future employee.

The purpose of the internship

IN CVs, internships are viewed as professional experience - this argument is consistent from the perspective of both the employer and the intern.

Trainees get a current insight into the area of a company.

Many types of internship are possible, be it immersion, or a deepening of skills in a particular department, supporting a project or working cross-departmentally. There should be some benefit for both you and for our Cube member.

The internship can last from 2 days to 3 weeks - depending on the goal(s) and task(s).

You are not forced to do anything, but you can do a lot…

"We're not looking for anyone now" - and that's OK.

The internships are not binding. The primary goal of our CUBE-Members is to deal with different tasks or situations and to find smart solutions to any problems or opportunities.

The trainee will learn skills and commitment by doing, and will benefit from the know-how that they bring with them.

This has often contributed to the fact that the trainee sooner or later becomes an indispensable employee in the company where the internship has taken place.

The know-how that they bring

The Cube TC-Members are SAP-CCP-Basic-Task certified and up to date in the following areas:

  • Accounting, payroll accounting
  • Marketing
  • Business English
  • Text processing and EDP
  • Office organization and time management
  • Data Protection and Industry 4.0
  • Media Literacy
  • Project Management

You will also find experts* on the topics:

  • €FDL Basic Marketing
  • Apprentice trainer accordance with BAG § 29g
  • EBC*L A Business Licence

The advantages and your gain

The good news first:

You are exempt from costs, insurance and any form of reporting - the interns are insured through the Public Employment Service.

One more thing:

Our Cube-TC-Members are rough diamonds! After their 14 week training they now have the chance to get their final cut in the office. In other words, they can work directly in your company without a prolonged training period. The interns are convincing and actively take on tasks.

Your bonus:

After a successful internship, you will not only gain a new fan of your company, but also perhaps the manpower of tomorrow!


How to contact us

You have the choice
Call us on:
T: +43 578 78 - 5000
or send a short e-mail to:
E: office@cube-tc.com

Mrs. Ressi and Mrs. Mag.a Unterweger are happy to be at your service!